Scam Website Alert

In October 2019, Kingpen launched the Counterfeit Prevention Program to combat counterfeit Kingpen products from being sold and distributed throughout the globe. The online validation portion of our program, which uses the Kingpen Izon® label on the packaging to verify your Kingpen product’s authenticity, is located at allows users to enter the unique 6-digit scratch off code found under the QR code on the Kingpen Izon® label to instantaneously verify the authenticity of Kingpen products. also provides instructions on how to locate the indicators on the patented holographic technology that can also prove your Kingpen product is real.

Recently, a scam website copied the branding of our validation program and put it on their own domain: KPVALIDATE.COM. The scam website uses fake stickers, not our real Kingpen Izon® labels, and will verify anything that a user inputs in order to trick users into believing that their Kingpen product is authentic. We cannot stand by this, and while we work to have the scam website taken down we felt the need to inform our customers about the scam website.

Once again, Kingpen’s real product validation website is and uses the stickers and codes identified on that page to verify the authenticity of Kingpen products.   The only way to truly know that your product is real is by purchasing it in a verified, licensed dispensary in California or Oklahoma and visting to authenticate your product.

For more information on our Counterfeit Prevention Program, please visit our FAQs or