How do I use the new security stickers to verify my product is real and earn rewards on the site?

While you don’t have to verify your product is real to earn rewards points on the site, we recommend doing it first if you see anything concerning about the packaging.


To check a product’s authenticity, go to KPVALID.com. Type the six-digit scratch off code (located on the bottom of your security sticker) into the site, and you will receive an immediate response. These codes are linked to our database so they can only be used once. For additional verification, you can also check out the visual authenticators from your security sticker on the KPVALID site.


When you are satisfied with your product’s authenticity. Head to The King's Club page on KingpenOfficial.com. Create an account and log in, then enter the same six-digit scratch off code to immediately earn points that you can use towards free merchandise.


What is Kingpen Official?

KingpenOfficial is a housing site for our Kingpen merchandise and The King's Club loyalty program. For over a year now we’ve received requests for Kingpen apparel and gear, and wanted to wait until we could do it right. Knowing the state of the black market, we created a program that rewards our loyal customers for purchasing real, safe products from their legal dispensary with points to be used towards free gear. Of course, you can purchase the gear without points too.

What is KPVALID?

KPVALID is the home of our authentication and anti-counterfeit program. You can verify your product’s authenticity here by entering the six-digit scratch off code at the bottom of the security sticker (found on the packaging). For further verification, you can follow the directions on the site to check for visual features in the Kingpen Izon® image. Click here to go to KPVALID.

Do I have to be 21 and over to enter the site?

Yes. In order to utilize the rewards program features you must be 21 or over to purchase the cannabis products in the dispensary before plugging the scratch off codes into the site.

Are you interested in selling Kingpen products to me so I can sell them illegally?


Are you interested in selling Kingpen products to my licensed dispensary in California?

Absolutely we are! Click here to fill out a contact form, or to find our sales email further down on the page.

If you cannot present us with a valid license number, we cannot sell product to you.


What can I purchase on Kingpen Official?

You can purchase Kingpen apparel, gear, and smoking accessories on the Kingpen Official site. Unfortunately, while you can earn reward points from dispensary purchases of cannabis products, you cannot purchase cannabis products on this website.

Why can’t I purchase cannabis products on the site?

Kingpen is not set up with a delivery license and therefore cannot act as a delivery service of cannabis products. If you are located in California and would like to purchase Kingpen cannabis products online, look for us on Eaze!

What forms of payment can I use on the site?

We currently accept credit cards in the form of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.

We also accept Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, and PayPal.

Can I purchase Kingpen gear from outside the U.S?

Yes! We love our global followers, but unfortunately have to charge slightly more in shipping to reach you in your home country. Remember, we cannot sell THC products online.

Do you take checks?

How would that even work?

Loyalty Program:

What is The King's Club?

The King's Club is our consumer loyalty program dedicated to giving back to Kingpen customers. We’ve heard your requests for a line of Kingpen inspired merch, and wanted to take it a step further by rewarding you for purchasing Kingpen products in the legal, recreational market. Here’s to you! Click here to go to The King's Club.

How do I earn Club Points?

First, create a Club account and log in.

After that, you can earn points by purchasing Kingpen products in your nearest dispensary (click here to go to our store locator) and plugging the six-digit scratch off code into The King's Club page on the site. You will earn 30 points for half gram cartridges or disposables, and 50 points for full gram cartridges.

You can also earn points through purchases of Kingpen merch on the Shop page of KingpenOfficial.com. When you’re logged into your Club account, you will earn 1 point for every $1 spent.

How can I use Club Points?

Club Points can be redeemed for products on the Shop page. These can only be used to redeem full products.

I have a product I want to use points for. How do I see how many points I need to redeem that product?

To find out how many points you need to redeem a certain item, you can check in one of two ways:

Click on your desired product on the Shop page. It will list how many points you need to redeem the full product in the description.

Open the Club rewards button at the bottom-right of the page (the red “Earn Kingpen Rewards” button). There you will find the full list of ways you can spend your hard-earned points, as well as how many points each product requires.

How do I check how many points I have earned?

You can check this by either going to your Account page, or by clicking on the Club rewards button at the bottom right of the screen. At the top of either page you will see an indicator that lists the points you have earned.

How do I use Club Points towards purchases?

When you have enough points to redeem for a free product, add the desired product to your cart.

Then go to the Club rewards button at the bottom-right of the page (the red “Earn Kingpen Rewards” button). Out of the list of options, click on the one that redeems points for your desired product. This will generate a Discount Code for you to copy and plug into the Discount Code box at checkout for free purchase.